The product portfolio of TER INGREDIENTS is highly responsive to the needs of manufacturing companies in the food and in the feed industry.

We supply a wide range of products that can be summarized into the following main categories:

Amino acids | Antioxidants | Emulsifiers | Energy Drink Ingredients | Preservatives | Food coloring | Acidifiers | Sweeteners | Thickeners | Vitamins



Ascorbic acid derivatives


We offer the following ascorbic acid derivatives:

  • sodium ascorbate (sodium salt of ascorbic acid)
  • calcium ascorbate (calcium salt of ascorbic acid)
  • erythorbic acid (variant of ascorbic acid)
  • sodium erythorbate (isoascorbic acid sodium salt)




In the food industry, ascorbic acid is used in canned fruits and vegetables, beverages, confectionery, baked goods, meat products, seasonings, jams, marmalades, and jellies.